When To Rebuild Instead of Renovate a Home

Renovating or rebuilding a home has long been a subject of debate and can be a very emotional decision for the people concerned. Choosing between both the options are quite challenging for a homeowner and he needs to consider several factors like time, money, environmental concerns, resources etc., before making any final decision. Whether you are planning for a renovation or a total construction of your dream home from the ground, you shouldn’t have any regrets and before taking any final decision, consider the pros and cons of the both the options available.

Often homeowners believe that renovation is a cost effective method and thus a viable option. But this is not the case every time. You might be surprised to know the knocking down a home completely and constructing it fresh is more cost effective and a better option than renovating a property, especially an old building. There are several reasons that can prove so. Let us have a look at them.

Look Out For The Costs Involved

While you are planning out for a structural makeover in your property, renovation is definitely the cheaper option to consider. But, renovation pricing can go up because of the undesired circumstances that might come up during the course of the renovation. On the other hand, the advantage of building a new home means you have a contract with the fixed price rate, without the scope of increasing.

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Property Age

Considering the age of the property is a very important factor to consider while choosing between rebuilding and renovation. Rebuilding the home is definitely a preferred option when the age of the property is too old to be renovated properly. Even if you go for the renovations of the areas you want to alter, chances are that you might have to knock down the entire building and reconstruct in a year’s time. Thus, it is better to go for the rebuilding option from the very start.

Location Location Location!

It has been found that rebuilding an entire home is more popular and preferred in the locations which are close to the city or beach areas. When there is the scarcity of available land, rebuilding should be the option because you can also earn an extra income by renting the unit out. In case, you are not sure about the ideas you want to implement, your architects and builders can help you out with a clear viewpoint. In fact, you should also consult with your local council to get a clear idea about the house planning laws. There is a lot of useful information on the http://plexdevelopments.ca/ website. Take some time to read up and get informed before making any big decisions.

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Renovation Might Not Meet Your Expectations

Renovating the home with simple addition or deletion of things from your property will definitely offer a new look to the house. In fact, it can be cheaper as well if you want to bring a transformation to the appearance and functionality of the home. But, how much can a renovation render? You cannot bring a total transformation to the look, right? Rebuilding will give you the option to bring in a totally new design, similar to your dreams and thus a better option than renovating an old home.

Rebuilding Gives You Options

Constructing a new home is better, more so because it is way easier to maintain. In terms of the pests and termites, your new home is less susceptible and if you are concerned with the green environment, you can design your new home to be absolutely energy efficient and ecologically friendly. In fact, the building regulations and the standard practices are also better when compared to the renovation of an old home.

Renovating Comes With Challenges

In case you have a busy schedule and work really hard on the weekdays, it is a tedious job to spend hours on the weekends for the renovation of your home. Such alterations can be very disruptive and you might have to move someplace else for a time frame till the renovation is complete. Will you be able to take the hassles of renovations? In case your answer is a no, perhaps, rebuilding is the best alternative available. You can shift to your new home with all your possessions one at a time.

It goes beyond saying that deciding on the renovation or rebuilding the home is a very overwhelming situation. Whichever, the option you choose, you have to understand the factors that can prove to be beneficial for you and thereby accordingly take the necessary actions.