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Stylish renovation tips for bathrooms


If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, then you can try out some of these stylish tips:

Select elegant Fixtures

For a stylish bathroom consider installing elegant fixtures such as a pedestal sink. It looks far more delightful compared to compact cabinet vanity. A free standing or vintage claw foot tub adds to the beauty of the bathroom like a sculpture.

Fitting Tub

When it comes to choosing a tub bigger is not necessarily better. Sit inside the tub prior to purchasing and ensure you have sufficient room to stretch your legs out and get a stylish bathroomproper foothold so that you don’t float into the unknown when the tub fills. Analyze the lip of the tub and angled back for the support of your neck and general comfort. A sixty inch tub will do just fine for the majority of people. Select a considerably deep tub if you are limited on space and can only fit a small one.

Prefer long lasting flooring options

Some excellent bathroom flooring choices including stone tiles, marble and ceramic. They are both long lasting and water resistant. Even though they feel hard and cold you use floor heated technology to make them warm. For naturally warm flooring properly sealed hardwood floor is the ideal choice.

Beautiful and Stylish Mirror

Rather than cover every surface of the bathroom with a mirror it is much more appealing to hang one elegantly framed mirror over the sink. Augment that look with a well-lit and adjustable make up and shaving mirror.

Vertical Space
Make use of the vertical space to add more storage space by adding more cabinets while economizing on floor space.

Walk-in Showers

The walk-in showers are the current bathroom trend. Most people find the open plan bathroom concept to be luxurious. If you take your shower seriously then enjoy a revitalizing shower experience by mounting rain shower-heads.

Functional Lighting

Proper functional bathroom lighting is critical. Consider good ambient lighting and plus task lighting including wall sconces and halogen pot lights especially around mirrors. To control the amount of lighting to set the bathroom mood consider installing dimmers.

High-quality Toilets

Choose stylish, comfortable and water efficient toilets with elongated bowls.
Think Luxury

If you have enough space in your bathroom then you can create the perfect spa like atmosphere for optimum relaxation. You can add a dressing room, fireplace, waterfall, television, stereo, bathroom furniture or gym. According to this Winnipeg Demolition Company you extend the bathroom space by knocking down the wall of the adjacent bedroom to add a closet, vanities or shower.

Affordable Ways to Revamp your Kitchen

It is obvious that the kitchen is the heart of every home. We spend a lot of time congregating in the kitchen so it must feel inviting, airy, fresh and unique. Having an old kitchen will taint the style of your entire home and bring down the resale value of the home. You can still upgrade your kitchen without doing a complete remodel especially if you are on a low budget.
The following are some of the affordable ways to freshen your kitchen.
• Paint the cabinets
Kitchen cabinets cover a huge part of the kitchen and influence the overall look to a great extent. ThereforeOpenKitchenShelving you should first and foremost start with upgrading the kitchen cabinets since they are one of the main kitchen focal points. Custom cabinets can be costly the most affordable method is to paint the cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. It is a tedious and time consuming task however the outcome is worth it.
• Install Open Shelving
Getting rid of rid of cabinet doors for open shelving is now becoming the trend. Even though they require regularly cleaning it gives you an opportunity to display your dishes and cutlery. To achieve an eclectic look include new hardware such as antique pulls and knobs to update the cabinets and drawers easily.
• Marble Countertops Options
Marble and granite look elegant and are the most desired countertop materials. However, they are not always within reach for those on low budget. For more affordable options consider covering your dull laminate with coats of concrete. Another alternative is faux granite which resembles natural stone closely and still looks pretty.
• Sink and Faucet Update
There are several options for a sink and faucet upgrade to freshen up the look of your kitchen. According to top cleaning companies stainless stefaucet-and-sink-installationsel is considered the standard for most homes however there are other materials and finishes such as copper and cast iron. Unless you are remodeling the entire countertop you may have to stick to the dimensions of your existing sink. New sinks and faucets are pocket friendly and installing them is a simple DIY task.
• Painting the walls
Make the kitchen come alive with bright and vibrant fresh coat of paint. White still remains the safest paint color for kitchens especially dark and dull ones. To enhance the décor think about adding crown moldings to highlight the walls and cabinets. They are simple and affordable to install.
• Elegant Backsplash
In the past the kitchen backsplash was all about functionality, now it is a critical part of the kitchen décor. Add some texture, color and fun to your kitchen by upgrading to mosaic backsplash tiles. They can be quickly installed without much hustle.
Give your refrigerator a new look using removable wallpaper or some painting. You could as well consider replacing with newer models.
Investment in a kitchen upgrade is a worthy undertaking since kitchens will always remain the hub for both family and guests.